Giada Guerra

Giada Guerra

Ph.D. Student
Core research topics
dyslexia, reading, auditory attention

With clinical psychology as a starting point, I found myself fascinated by the research in brain development and neurodevelopment disorders using neuroimaging methods during my internship in King’s College London, UK.

I am now enrolled in INTERLEARN, a European Industrial Doctorate programme at Birkbeck College, University of London, which aims at uncovering the factors underpinning child learning.

My project will investigate the neural and cognitive processes underlying the pathway in reading acquisition during the intervention in children with dyslexia. It combines the experience of Birkbeck, RID, IWAL and the MBIC-language lab in the field and is supervised by prof. Milene Bonte, Jurgen Tijms, Anniek Vaessen, Fred Dick and Adam Tierney.

More specifically, we intend to identify the individual differences which play a role in the variability in the learning trajectory and outcome using EEG and behavioural measures. To improve our understanding of the processes implied in reading difficulties, and to individualise interventions, an auditory attention training will also be tailored for this population.