Milene Bonte

Milene Bonte

Head, Professor
Core research topics
Speech perception, Language development, Reading, Dyslexia

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Milene has a background in Psychology (MSc, UM/Konstanz University) and Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (PhD, 2005, UM), focusing on speech perception and dyslexia. In 2004, during a visiting fellowship at Helsinki University of Technology, and after returning to UM, she investigated task-dependent and developmental changes in brain responses to speech sounds and voices (KNAW Ter Meulen fonds, NWO Veni). Since 2011, together with colleagues within the MBIC language group and external collaborators, she investigates cognitive and brain mechanisms of audiovisual learning, reading and language development (NIHC, NWO Vidi, Marie-Curie ITN, NWO Vici).

A common goal across her research projects is to understand the intriguingly dynamic and individually variable brain processes underlying learning and development of language skills, and – ultimately – to create optimal learning conditions for all children. To better understand and predict these individual differences, together with her team, Milene uses experimental paradigms designed for and with children and collects a wide variety of behavioral measures and brain imaging data (EEG, fMRI).

Milene closely collaborates with primary schools and dyslexia healthcare institutes (e.g., Rudolf Berlin CenterRID), contributes to education/dyslexia policy (e.g., through participation in the UNESCO MGIEP ISEE Assessment, and recent revision of the Dutch protocol for dyslexia diagnosis and treatment PDDB 3.0), and is member of scientific advisory boards (Neurolab, Nias-Lorentz board, workgroup Brede Vakinhoudelijke Richtlijn Dyslexie) and the executive board of the Nederlands Kwaliteitsinstituut Dyslexie.