Milene Bonte


Milene Bonte

Head, Professor
Core research topics
Speech perception, Language development, Reading, Dyslexia

I received my PhD in 2005 at Maastricht University, studying phonological aspects of speech perception in typical and dyslexic readers using EEG (supervisor prof. Leo Blomert). In 2004, I investigated context-dependent plasticity in spoken word recognition using MEG at Helsinki University of Technology, Finland (supervisor prof. Riitta Salmelin), funded by the Ter Meulen Fonds (KNAW). In 2007, I received an NWO Veni grant to study task-dependent and developmental plasticity in speech perception using univariate and multivariate fMRI and EEG techniques. My current research investigates cognitive and brain mechanisms of speech perception, reading and language development and is funded by an NWO Vidi grant. I am especially fascinated by the plasticity and adaptive nature of these mechanisms in adults and children and in their relation to individual differences in language skills. For example, why do some children learn to read fluently while others face enormous challenges due to developmental dyslexia? To investigate these questions I combine behavioral measures with brain imaging data at high temporal (EEG) or spatial (fMRI at 3T, 7T) precision. Furthermore, I closely collaborate with local schools and national dyslexia institutes, e.g. as collaborator of the Rudolf Berlin Center, Amsterdam and as member of the scientific advisory board of RID national dyslexia institutes.