Five PhD scholarships within INTERLEARN project


Individualised Interventions in Learning (INTERLEARN)

Children’s success in learning academic, linguistic, and social skills is strongly tied to their future health, wealth, and happiness. Thanks to new technologies, we have an unprecedented opportunity to individually tailor their learning, based on differences in neural, genetic, environmental, educational, cognitive, and socioemotional factors. However, we need to know how, when, and why these factors might affect learning, and how they will influence the child’s response to a learning intervention.

The INTERLEARN European Industrial Doctorate programme will train a cohort of five PhD students who can lead a new European-wide initiative to deliver technologically advanced and scientifically rigorous individualised learning paradigms. Each INTERLEARN PhD project integrates computational, neuroscientific, and developmental methods and theories to uncover how and when to manipulate a child’s learning environment, and how to design and implement practical tools to help as many children learn as possible.

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The MBIC language group will be specifically involved in the INTERLEARN PhD project “Representational change in intensive language intervention.” In this collaborative project with the CBCD at Birkbeck University London and the IWAL and RID dyslexia institutes, we will investigate behavioral and neural markers of individual differences in learning trajectory and intervention outcome in children with dyslexia.