What happens during your visit?


The Maastricht Brain Imaging Center (MBIC) uses imaging facilities at Scannexus, which is located on the campus of Maastricht University in Maastricht-Randwyck:
Oxfordlaan 55,
6229 EV Maastricht (click here for a link to the map)

Car parking is available upon request (research participation).

Informed Consent:

As you and your child explore the lab rooms, we will tell you about the study and answer all your questions. You will then be asked to read and sign the consent form, indicating that you have been informed about the procedures involved and are giving permission for your child’s participation. Please note: even though you signed the forms for participation you and your child are allowed to withdraw from the experiment at any time!

Experimental procedure:

We study individual differences in the development of reading fluency and dyslexia using MRI. Our research uses written and/or spoken language (e.g. sounds, letters, words) that are presented in the context of a computer task/game. Prior to the scanning session, your child will be acquainted with the MRI environment. To make children feel comfortable having an MRI scan we use a simulation scanner to conduct a training session. This session serves three purposes:

  1. Your child gets adjusted to the MRI environment and feels comfortable
  2. In a playful way we train your child to lie still in the scanner
  3. Your child practices the computer task that will be presented in the scanner

The second point is important for the quality, and thereby also the usability, of the MRI images that we collect.

Once your child is in the MRI scanner he/she will perform a simple computer task that is presented in terms of a game, involving pressing a button when detecting a certain written or spoken word. During the task we will have several breaks during which your child watches a movie of her/his own choice.

Reimbursement & Debriefing:

Your child will receive a present and a souvenir for her/his participation and your travel costs will be reimbursed. We will inform you and your child about the results of our research. You can also follow us via our news items on this website.