New publication project Leeswinst

We have recently published our first paper of project Leeswinst describing the findings of the ‘aba’ ‘ada’ task prior to scanning, when children completed the task on the computer. In this task we examine how children with and without dyslexia combine text and speech sounds. A previous study using this task showed that adults with dyslexia do not automatically combine both types of information. Our current behavioral results were very interesting as they instead suggest that 8-10 year old dyslexic children combine text and speech sounds in a similar way as their typically reading peers. Variability in task performance does point to more subtle underlying differences between both children groups. To further understand these differences and their relation to reading skills we are currently analyzing children’s brain activity while performing this same task. The fact that the children with dyslexia show a more subtle difference in the processing of text and speech sounds when compared to their typically reading peers as opposed to adults with dyslexia probably reflects their still more flexible developing reading system.

The article can be found here: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00221