Societal collaborations and Teaching

We teach at Maastricht University, where we give lectures, tutor and coordinate courses in the psychology bachelor, and cognitive neuroscience master and research master programs. Furthermore, our group supervises various research internships for bachelor and (research) master students.

We communicate our research findings to scientific and general audiences by means of academic or public lectures and workshops. For example, we contribute to teacher education (e.g. via MEBIT) and give lectures on national seminars/symposia for professionals and scientists in dyslexia healthcare.

For our reading and dyslexia research we collaborate with the Regional Center of Dyslexia (RID) and national leading centers for dyslexia diagnosis and treatment, as well as with the RBC center for learning disabilities and schools for primary and secondary education. In collaboration with the MUMC+ we investigate language and speech problems in classic galactosemia patients.

Regionaal Instituut Dyslexie
The specialist in research and treatment of dyslexia and dyscalculia
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Rudolf Berlin Center
The Rudolf Berlin Center (RBC) is a university center in the field of learning disabilities.
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Our research is made possible by close collaborations with local schools. We would hereby like to express our gratitude to the parents, children and schools for participating in our Dyslexia project.

Kindcentrum Aloysius                    Montessori Kindcentrum Maastricht                      Basisschool Wyck                                         OBS de Spiegel

Aloysius                                  Montessori                              Wyck school                         OBS_de_spiegel

MBS de Poort                                                       OBS de Regenboog

dePoort                       Regenboog