A new publication on sensorimotor representation of speech perception


Our lab member Mario Archila Melendez has published his research on the role of sensorimotor processes in speech perception in an open access journal http://www.eneuro.org/content/5/2/ENEURO.0252-17.2018.

Sensorimotor integration supports speech while selective attention can shape the processing and performance of speech perception tasks. We used 7T fMRI in combination with machine learning (i.e., multivariate pattern analysis) to study the representation of articulatory information during selective speech perception. Our results show that articulatory information (i.e., place of articulation) is represented in widespread cortical areas during selective attention to the different syllable components, supporting sensorimotor integration during attentive speech perception.

Keywords:  7T fMRI, MVPA-Based Cross Decoding, Machine Learning, Place of Articulation, Selective Attention, Sensorimotor, Speech Perception.